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'The House Arrest of Us' EP 6 Recap: ‘End of the world naaa’

Did Korics (Daniel Padilla) cheat on Q (Kathryn Bernardo)? 😞

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/29/2020 in News
'The House Arrest of Us' EP 6 Recap: ‘End of the world naaa’

We have so many feelings about the sixth episode of “The House Arrest of Us,” as the two families deal with an unexpected pregnancy, financial setbacks, and a sudden breakup.

Korics (Daniel Padilla) was still not in the mood to talk to Q (Kathryn Bernardo) at all. While each of the family members was worrying about their own problems, suddenly, nag-brownout! 😱 Everyone was freaking out because no one could connect to the internet. Yaya Marie shouted, “Walang kuryente, walang Wi-Fi. End of the world na!!!”

Korics, in particular, was very stressed because he couldn’t talk to his film producer, Stella, who is based in the US. Soon, the people in the house found a specific area in the house where there was a signal, and crowded themselves in that place. So, when Stella told Korics over the phone that his film grant was canceled, everyone heard it.

In the middle of the commotion, Zenaida (Ruffa Gutierrez) ran away from home. Korics and Q decided that they would go look for her. However, the car wouldn't start! Left alone with some privacy, Korics and Q discussed the things they’re fighting about and apologized for keeping secrets from each other.

Just then, Zena returned home. However, the barangay officials who helped her get back home said that she should be isolated as she has been tagged as a Person Under Monitoring (PUM).

Later, when Korics was taking money from his wallet to contribute to the house expenses, a receipt from a motel fell. Q picked it up and saw that it was dated March 1 — here's the ringer: they were broken up that day. When Q asked him to explain, Korics couldn’t answer straight. Q was obviously hurt and wondered if he cheated on her.

She then said, “We’re over. I’m not marrying you.”

What?! Matutuloy pa ba ang kasal? 💔

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