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3 dirty little secrets, revealed on 'Ask Angelica' Ep 9!

Angelica, open nga ba sa concept ng open relationships?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/27/2020 in News
3 dirty little secrets, revealed on 'Ask Angelica' Ep 9!

Netizens had the chance to reveal their deepest and darkest dirty little secrets on the ninth episode of "Ask Angelica."

Joining Angelica Panganiban, Kean Cipriano, and Via Antonio for the latest episode were Angelica's "Walang Hanggang Paalam" co-stars Zanjoe Marudo, JC Santos, and Paulo Avelino. Umpisa pa lang, may mga mainit na revelations na agad from our Ka-TTs!

Kean admitted that he had a huge crush on Angelica back when he was a kid, while Paulo dubbed JC as "Kilabot ng Teatro" and "Kilabot ng Stylists."

"Kilabot ng teatro kasi walang maganda sa teatro na hindi nakakakilala kay JC. Dumadaan sa kanya lahat," Paulo said. "Kilabot naman ng stylist kasi kilabot talaga siya."

But apart from their own kulitan, they also entertained questions from netizens, who were in need of advice for their own dirty little secrets.

1. Avoiding creepy men is harder than it looks

A caller named Joyce asked for advice on how to deal with a creepy photographer who wouldn't stop asking her to do a sexy photo shoot. 

"Alam mo kailangan minsan diretsuhin 'yung mga lintik na 'yan," JC said.

Agreeing with JC, Angelica said, "You have to say no kapag kailangan mo mag-no. Kung 'yun ang nararamdaman mo. A no is a no. Kapag ayaw tumigil gawa ka ng little steps like i-block mo sila."

2. A woman secretly hates someone from her barkada

A netizen opened up about her secret "hate" for a member of her barkada and asked for advice on how to deal with it without damaging the group's friendship. 

"You can't control other people's behavior. You only have yourself to control. So I think kailangan talaga ng matinding self-talk kapag kikitain mo sila," Via said. 

"You really need to understand them. Ganoon na lang, para sa tropa ko. Sarili mo na lang kung paano mo siya pakikitunguhan," she added.

3. A woman cheated on her partner (and doesn't want to tell him)

One caller admitted that she cheated on her partner with another man while he was overseas. Now, she doesn't know whether she should admit to what she did or keep it to herself.

While giving their advice, the ka-TTs discussed the concept of open relationships.

JC said, "Kung pinayagan ka, go! Do what you want."

"It's up to you and your relationship. Basta may consent. Kung wala, edi wala. Kung meron, edi meron," Paulo said.

Angelica, on the other hand, simply reminded the netizen to be mindful of her decisions.

"Ibang panahon na tayo ngayon. Kung ganyan 'yung pinasok niyo, ganyan 'yung kailangan niyong panindigan. Ako tagilid ako d'yan, hindi niyo 'ko kasama d'yan, but hindi ako mangja-judge. Kanya kanya talaga tayo. Ang naiintindihan ko lang eh yung respeto na kung ano yung mga paniniwala na sa mga buhay natin," she enthused.

Watch the full episode here!

You can also catch "Ask Angelica" on Star Cinema and Black Sheep's Facebook page, as well as Sinehub and MyCHOS's Youtube channels. It is also available on Kapamilya Online Live's streams and the streaming platform Kumu.

You can also listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, and Overcast!

It has a delayed telecast on Saturdays on Cinema One and Jeepney TV.

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