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Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia react to thirst tweets!

We would totally say these things about Jameson and Joao, too! 😳💦

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/24/2020 in News
Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia react to thirst tweets!

The super pogi stars of “My Lockdown Romance,” Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia had the most adorable and purest reactions to thirst tweets written about them.

One Twitter user said, “Can I order a Joao Constancia with an extra lip ring?”

Joao said, “Sure why not? Yeah, whenever you order me, I’m all yours.” We’ll take your word for it, Joao!

Another Twitter user complimented Jameson quite intensely and we totally get and understand their passion. They said, “Grabe ang pogi ni Jameson Blake, sana saksakin niya ako multiple times with a knife thanks.”

Jameson got a bit shy and answered, “Siguro pwede ko gawin ‘yun sa ‘Among Us,’ pero hindi sa totoong buhay.”

Joao then joked, “Baka iba kasi gagamitin mo Jameson, na pangsaksak…”

Um? What do you mean, Joao? 🤐😂

Watch their cute reactions here!

In the boys love (BL) film “My Lockdown Romance,” Joao plays the character of Kendrick, opposite Jameson’s Tom. They are friends who reconnect online during the pandemic.

Helmed by director Bobby Bonifacio Jr., it is now showing in various Cinexpress platforms!

For only 150 pesos, you can enjoy the film on the following Cinexpress channels: KTX.ph (ktx.ph), iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV.

Bagong sine, now na!

Learn more about “My Lockdown Romance” here:

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