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Anne Curtis tears up as she remembers all of Dahlia's firsts

"I really witnessed all of her firsts": Anne Curtis got emotional while talking about her baby daughter Dahlia!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

11/23/2020 in News
Anne Curtis tears up as she remembers all of Dahlia's firsts

Anne Curtis shared updates about her new life as a mom on the latest episode of "I Feel U"!

Anne gave birth to daughter Dahlia Amelie in Australia a few months ago. She and her husband Erwan Heussaff elected to stay there with their newborn.

Asked how she's doing now with her little family, Anne said, "We are doing well. Everyone is safe and healthy naman."

"Ang bilis eh, parang I felt like yesterday lang meron akong newborn, tapos ngayon mag e-eight months na siya, ang bilis!"

Host Toni Gonzaga then complimented Anne on her "mommy glow," saying, "I think this is your most beautiful self. I think you have become the woman you are supposed to be."

Anne thanked her and said, "You don't think about that anymore, parang you become less conscious about yourself, like it really doesn't matter anymore, iba na ang focus mo. Maraming-maraming salamat."

She continued, "I agree though, that this is the most beautiful I feel because of the beauty that is surrounding me at the moment and maybe because it's because of Dahlia that I'm able to feel all this love and see the best version of myself.

Toni also asked her what is her most favorite moment with Dahlia.

While remembering their memories, the "It's Showtime" host couldn't help but feel emotional!

"I really witnessed all of her firsts. The first smile...bakit ako naiiyak, ano ba naman 'yun?"

While tearing up, she continued, "Na talagang she learned how to reach for me. Marunong na siyang, kumbaga sa atin, nangingilala na? Just all these little small things."

"I guess to answer your question, I can't choose just one because every day there is something new."

The Kapamilya actress shared that Erwan is an amazing, hands-on father.

"Nakakaaliw, nakakatuwa lalo na ngayon. She started the solids complimentary feeding," she said. "This is the time for him to enjoy it kasi forte niya 'yun eh. Now is the time that he can really play around so gumagawa siya ng parang mga gourmet baby food para kay Dahlia. He's been really, really amazing."

Watch the full episode here:

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