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'The House Arrest of Us' Episode 5 Recap: Seloso vs. selosa!

Jealousy is in the air between Korics (Daniel Padilla) and Q (Kathryn Bernardo)!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/22/2020 in News
'The House Arrest of Us' Episode 5 Recap: Seloso vs. selosa!

Jealousy was in the air between Korics (Daniel Padilla) and Q (Kathryn Bernardo) on the fifth episode of the digi movie series “The House Arrest of Us.”

Last week, we found out that Korics' younger sister Abigail (Riva Quenery) was pregnant. However, she asked everyone in the house to keep it a secret from Korics and Papawan (Gardo Versoza).

That morning, Korics noticed that Q wasn’t being herself (of course, we know that Q was just feeling tense because of Abigail’s secret). So, Korics went around and asked Rufus (Anthony Jennings,) his mom Berna (Arlene Muhlach), and Yaya Marie (Alora Sasam) what the matter was — but no one was saying anything!

Korics peeped into a room and found Q and her parents Sylvester (Herbert Bautista) and Zenaida (Ruffa Gutierrez) video chatting with a guy speaking with a British accent, named Harry (Joe Vargas). He heard that Harry wanted to meet up once he arrives in Manila, and promptly got suspicious.

Later si Q naman ang naging suspicious! She was looking for Korics because he said he had a surprise for her. But Q found Korics video chatting with a woman named Stella (Kakai Bautista)! Lagot.

Because everyone was keeping their mouths shut, Korics and Q continued to be suspicious of each other, and were intentionally making the other jealous.

After a series of selosan tactics, Q had enough. When she saw Korics speaking to Stella again, she confronted him. After talking it out, they both realized that there was nothing to be jealous of — Q was talking to Harry because he's a business partner for their salon, and Stella is Korics’ producer, based in the US.

Meanwhile, Abigail was suffering from morning sickness. As she stepped out of the bathroom, Yaya Marie told her that she should be more careful because of her pregnancy. Unfortunately...narinig 'yun ni Korics. Double lagot!

Korics got so mad at everyone, including Q, for keeping the secret from him. He shouted, “Ano Abigail, sinong Tatay niyan? Hanggang kailan mo pa kami lolokohin?”

Q tried to console Korics, but he wanted to be left alone. Sigh.

Can Korics forgive Abigail? Can he forgive Q?

Let’s all find out in the sixth episode of "The House Arrest of Us" next Saturday, November 28!

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