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'The House Arrest of Us' Episode 4 Recap: Korics and Q become 'parents'

Meet the newest and cutest member of the family!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/22/2020 in News
'The House Arrest of Us' Episode 4 Recap: Korics and Q become 'parents'

The fourth episode of "The House Arrest of Us," which aired on Saturday, November 14, opened with Korics (Daniel Padilla) surprising Q (Kathryn Bernardo) with a dog for their monthsary!

Yup, Korics and Q have officially become fur parents to a fluffy white dog which they named Summer! 🐶 However, their respective families had clashing parenting styles which led to some problems and misunderstandings.

Everyone had a blast with Summer, though, including Berna (Arlene Muhlach) who was so smitten with the dog that she gave her hotdogs as a snack. Summer also received lots of love from Korics, Papawan (Gardo Versoza), and Papatu (Dennis Padilla) and they gave her a cold shower outside.

But then, Q saw what was happening and got mad because apparently, Summer already had a shower the day before. 😱 Uh-oh.

The following morning, Q was getting worried because Summer was lethargic and won't get up. Just then, Zenaida's (Ruffa Gutierrez) most-trusted helper, Yaya Marie (Alora Sasam) spilled that Berna had given Summer hotdogs. Zenaida and Berna then got into a fight.

Q then talked to Korics privately and told him that she would like to have "sole custody" of Summer. She said, "Ninenerbiyos ako tuwing nasa inyo si Summer eh."

As Summer's dad, Korics got upset and stormed out of the room, but not before saying, "Sige, hindi na hahawakan ng pamilya ko 'yan."

Later on, Yaya Marie, along with Zenaida and her husband Sylvester (Herbert Bautista), barged into Q's room because they overheard Berna giving someone a pregnancy test and immediately jumped to conclusions.

After a rather messy confrontation, it turned out that the pregnancy test was for Korics' younger sister, Abigail (Riva Quenery). Things went a bit emotional when Abigail begged Q not to tell Korics and Papawan about her pregnancy — she didn't want to add to the family's problems.

The big question is: will Q hide this secret from her fiancé?

Have you watched episode 4 yet? Tell us what you think in the comments! 😊

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