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Bea Alonzo on being ghosted by an ex: 'Noong na-ghost ako, nagalit ako'

Bea Alonzo to victims of ghosting: "Don't blame yourself"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/2/2020 in News
Bea Alonzo on being ghosted by an ex: 'Noong na-ghost ako, nagalit ako'

Have you ever had a person disappear on you without a reason? A person you care about, a person you've invested your time and effort and love on, and one day, poof, they're gone. Just like that.

If you have, then you've probably been "ghosted." It sucks, and it can happen to anyone. Celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce talked about it in their new vlog, together with their special guest, Bea Alonzo!

Angel remarked that Bea is an "expert" on the matter, even going as far as calling her "The Face of Ghosting in the Philippines." LOL.

Angel and Neil picked random "ghosting" tips from a bowl, and they asked Bea to react to them. The first one read, "you shouldn't blame yourself" if a person ghosts you.

Bea agreed and said, "Ako, I had to learn the hard way, and it took me ilang months bago ko na-realize 'yan. Don't blame yourself and also surround yourself with people who will empower you."

Neil then read a tip that said, "Magpaka-busy sa trabaho."

Bea agreed. She said, "Ako oo. Siguro kasi ako, doon ko nada-divert 'yung attention ko. Pero sabi nila, 'yung iba dapat harapin mo 'di ba, head-on."

Bea also opened up about her experience with ghosting and revealed that initially, she was furious.

She related, "Kasi noong na-ghost ako, nagalit ako. Doon lang ako nagalit. Biruin mo, pinatawad ko siya nang pinatawad nang pinatawad pa, 'di ba. Pero buti na lang wala na, I was taken out of that miserable state. Wala na."

When Angel asked what could be the best and most effective tip Bea can give to victims of ghosting, the Movie Queen replied, "Totoo 'yung kailangan nating mahalin 'yung sarili natin. Kasi doon siya talaga nagsisimula."

"Kapag hindi natin mahal 'yung sarili natin, at hindi natin nirerespeto 'yung sarili natin, hindi rin tayo irerespeto ng karelasyon natin. And even when you're moving on, once that you decide to love yourself, live for yourself, doon siguro papasok 'yung growth, pagpapatawad, acceptance."

Watch the vlog here:

Bea and Angel worked together in the 2013 Cathy Garcia-Molina film "Four Sisters and A Wedding."

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