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5 horror movies you should watch if you're still not over Halloween!

The Sinister Horror Film Festival is happening exclusively on KTX.ph and iWantTFC!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

11/19/2020 in News
5 horror movies you should watch if you're still not over Halloween!

We still have more Halloween treats!

Whether you're looking for new horror movies to binge, or just testing your scale of bravery — the Sinister Horror Film Festival is open for you!

Created by CrsytalSky Multimedia, SHFF offers you the Director's Cuts of five spooky movies for only P149 pesos! It will be available starting November 23 to 29 on KTX.ph and iWantTFC.

Here are the movies included in the list!

1. "Beautiful People"

If you're a fan of zombie films, then you'll like the way this one gives the genre a different take. The home of a medical scientist and his family were raided by a psychotic gang of men. The poor family was brutally murdered, and just then, the house was attacked by zombies. And that's when the real horror begins.

2. "8"

Folklore and horror? That's a pretty good mix. "8" centers around an old man who has been tasked to collect souls. He wants to seek atonement, so he tries to trade his daughter's soul. Welp.

3. "Devil's Within"

Directed by Seth Grossman, "Devil's Within" used a "fake documentary" format to tell a terrifying story of exorcism. A reality show crew document the life of a teen who is a recovering heroin addict. However, what they thought were just withdrawal symptoms were actually signs of demonic possession.

4. "Nightmare Cinema"

Welcome to the scariest cinema house ever. Five strangers come to a haunted movie theater. Once inside, they were treated to a series of films that show their deepest fears.

5. "Savaged"

They took her life, and she's back to take revenge. A deaf woman was brutalized by a group of racist locals. Her lifeless body, however, was possessed by an Apache warrior. Now, she's hellbent on getting justice.

Binge-watch more horror movies here!

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