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'Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela-Wan' Supercut: A dance craze-turned-hilarious comedy gem!

Vhong Navarro and Bayani Agbayani will make LOL in the bite-sized version of their 2004 comedy!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/18/2020 in Videos

BFFs Boy (Bayani Agbayani) and Amboy (Vhong Navarro) are very much the black sheep of their families. Even though they both didn't get a lot of love in their homes, they found joy in each other's company.

One night, the two crashed into a huge party, which was attended by their town's Mayor. It was during that party that they stole the spotlight with their Otso-Otso dance – a dance that saved the Mayor's life during a shootout incident at the party. Their hero status made them famous in their hometown.

However, the two were unaware of what happened because they decided to go all the way to Manila to find their purpose in life.

There, they met twins Mao (also Bayani) and Dao (also Vhong), who look nearly identical to them. Mao and Dao were both trying to escape from their fixed marriages. The twins ended up going home to Boy and Amboy's hometown, where they were treated like heroes. Boy and Amboy, on the other hand, found their purpose with the help of their Otso-Otso dance in the metro.

What will happen to the BFFs and the twins once they find out that their lives have switched?

Helmed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, "Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela-Wan" is now available in its Supercut version in the video above!

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