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Multo sa CR: A supernatural sighting in a Catholic school bathroom

This is a story of a sinister female ghost who torments students. 😱

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/17/2020 in Videos

A young lady peeping and smiling at you while you use the bathroom? Creepy! 😱

On the ninth episode of "Star Cinema: Ghost Stories," an anonymous Kapamilya shared his personal sighting of a female ghost at their newly-renovated school bathroom.

Their school board decided to demolish the chapel inside their campus and build a new building for classrooms.

Months later, the classrooms are ready and have been blessed by a priest. The additional bathrooms, however, took a longer time to build. Eventually, they were finished but were never blessed.

"May kakaibang feeling, mabigat sa pakiramdam. Minsan may mainit na hangin na nanggagaling dun sa CR," he said.

One day, he and his classmate went inside to take some photos. But he wasn't prepared for what came after.

"May nakikita ako sa peripheral vision ko na merong nakasilip sa akin na babae na mahaba yung buhok."

He tried to ignore it, but the image was still there. "Hindi siya umaalis, nakadungaw pa din siya, hindi ako sure, kung estudyante siya o multo."

It took all his courage, but finally, he walked to one of the stalls to check.

"Nagulat ako sa nakita ko, isang babae na mahaba 'yung mukhang na basang-basa at putlang-putla 'yung mukha."

He could remember that the female ghost was smiling, but "hindi 'yung normal na ngiti lang, literal na abot-tenga yung ngiti. tapos yung mata niya nakadilat."

Curious what the ghost did next...? Watch the episode above! 😈

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