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Tabi, tabi po: An encounter with playful duwendes

That moment you disturbed an unseen element...pwera usog! 😱

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/16/2020 in Videos

Here's a story that will bring out your childhood fears all over again.

On the seventh episode of "Star Cinema Ghost Stories," we featured the story of a Kapamilya netizen who had an encounter with some friendly dwarves.

When he was younger, he and his cousins went to his grandmother's house in the province, as they always do during vacation.

One night, they heard pig noises outside, but that was weird because their Lola already sold all of their pigs.

They heard the same noise the following night, but this time, it was coming from the back of the house. Their grandmother told them they shouldn't mind it: it was just dwarves playing around.

But they couldn't get it off their heads. He said, "Noong gabing 'yun, kinausap namin si Lola na samahan kami. Kasi takot na takot na talaga kami noon."

On the third night, the pig noises got even closer.

That time, their Lola woke up and talked to the duwendes, and politely asked them not to play with the children tonight.

Wanna know what happened next? Watch the video above! 😱

Continue the thrill here!

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