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Bea Alonzo's walk-in closet is what dreams are made of

The portrait of Bea in her walk-in closet was actually a commissioned gift from Aga Muhlach!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/6/2020 in News
Bea Alonzo's walk-in closet is what dreams are made of

For the second part of her house tour, Bea Alonzo took us to the second and third floors of her house.

She gave us a peek into her bedroom, family area, and gym, among others.

Upon walking up the stairs to the second story, there's a corner that houses her most precious photos with her family, whom she describes as her "natatanging yaman."

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Bea also finally showed her "humble, chill, and functional" bedroom where she spends most of her time in. She also gave us a peek of her simple yet chic bathroom, as well as her to-die for walk-in closet.


Bea flexed her massive black-and-white shoe collection, along with a few of her bags. Bea explained that most of her bag collection had already been sold off for the benefit of a charity. The dressing room also featured a huge portrait of her, which she revealed was actually commissioned by Aga Muhlach as a gift for her birthday back in 2019.

Meanwhile, the third floor includes a spacious family room where Bea usually entertains her guests. It is especially made to be soundproof for their karaoke nights, and has a hidden kitchenette for their pantry needs.


It also has a mini-gym equipped with a sauna-slash-spa bathroom where she can relax after a workout.

Watch the second part of her house tour here:

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