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Pinoy sexy stars that made the VHS generation drool

These sexy '90s to early 2000's #throwback photos are giving us all sorts of feelings 🔥😛

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 10/4/2020 in Photos

These iconic sexy stars certainly turned up the heat back in the day!

They set our screens ablaze with their fierce and risqué roles. And now, decades later, we can finally admit that we all spent much of our adolescence rewinding their movies (on VHS) to replay their most sizzling scenes!

Suffice it to say that they defined not only an entire generation, but also an entire era. Back then, the notion of sex was still pretty much taboo. But through their daring films, they gave us an opportunity to express our, say, primal feelings 🤣

Browse the gallery above to check out some of the most scintillating sexy stars from way back when!

Turn up the heat with these videos:

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