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The unfiltered version of 'Ask Angelica' EP 6 will slap you with reality!

Angelica, nanggigil sa isang netizen na sobrang rupok!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/31/2020 in News
The unfiltered version of 'Ask Angelica' EP 6 will slap you with reality!

If you're the type who's unable to deal with harsh truths, then talaga namang sasampalin ka ng sixth episode of "Ask Angelica."

In the raw, unfiltered version of the episode available on Spotify, Mamee Angelica Panganiban, together with her co-hosts Via Antonio and Kean Cipriano were joined by JM De Guzman and director Antoinette Jadaone. And we're warning you, these two do not seem familiar with the word "filter" when it comes to giving netizens advice.

At one point, Direk Tonet got so straightforward to one netizen who told a story about her fling who somehow "cheated" with his ex. But before giving her advice, Direk pondered about the audacity of these kinds of men: "Bakit yung et*ts ba niya umiilaw? Hindi naman 'di ba?" LOL Direk! 😂

Angelica also got real with another netizen's dilemma of constantly forgiving her ex and taking him back after he breaks up with a new girl.

"Sino 'yan? Gusto kong ampunin. Tuturuan ko lang ng p*t*ng*n*ng lesson!" she pressed. "Gaano kababa tingin mo sa sarili mo? Girl, kailangan mong tignan ang worth mo. Gawin mong project 'yung anong magaganda sa'yo, kung ano 'yung ka-mahal mahal tungkol sa'yo para mahalin mo rin sarili mo."

Listen to the unfiltered version of Episode 6 here!

You can also watch the full episode here:

You can catch "Ask Angelica" on Star Cinema and Black Sheep's Facebook page, as well as Sinehub and MyCHOS's Youtube channels. It is also available on Kapamilya Online Live's streams and the streaming platform Kumu.

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