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15 horror movies to add to your Halloween binge-watch list

Get these horror treats, all on iWantTFC!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/29/2020 in News
15 horror movies to add to your Halloween binge-watch list

We’re all feeling the Halloween spirit by now, and what better way to celebrate than to binge-watch the finest, scariest, most hair-raising horror flicks!

No need to go outside, we’re saving you the hassle and offering them to you all in one place — iWantTFC.

From the modern classic “Feng Shui,” to the thrilling barkada flick “Bloody Crayons,” we have you covered. Just find your most comfortable space at home, get your popcorn ready, and indulge in a fright night courtesy of Star Cinema and iWantTFC. 🎃

Here are 15 films you have to add to your horror binge-watch list!


Helmed by master director Chito Roño, “T2” tells the story of a woman (Maricel Soriano) and a mysterious child (Mika dela Cruz) who are being stalked by Engkantos.

Halik sa Hangin

A cross between romantic horror and a psycho thriller, “Halik sa Hangin” takes us to chilly Baguio. As you shiver in the coldness of the place, you’ll freeze when you find out that Mia’s (Julia Montes) handsome, perfect boyfriend (Gerald Anderson)... is a literal ghost.

Corazon, Ang Unang Aswang

Set during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, a woman (Erich Gonzales) tries all sorts of fertility rites to be able to conceive. She finally gets pregnant, but then, her baby dies. Her pain turned her into a “monster” seeking revenge.

'Wag Kang Lilingon

This horror feature is divided into two parts: In “Uyayi,” a nurse (Anne Curtis) suspects there is a killer in the hospital and thus she begins her investigations; in “Salamin,” a family moves to a new house where they find a mirror that opens a portal to another world.

Maria Leonora Teresa

Heart-broken parents Faith, Julio, and Stella were given life-sized dolls to help them cope with the death of their children. It gets creepy pretty quickly.


A collection of five creepy stories which all have a common thread: A detached arm with an "R.I.P." tattoo. The parts are titled “Kamay,” “Paa,” “Mata,” “Mukha,” and “Puso.”

Feng Shui

A woman (Kris Aquino) finds a bagua which gives her family good luck. However, deaths happen at every turn.

Feng Shui 2

The curse of the bagua continues when a man (Coco Martin) turns to the supernatural item in the hopes of having good luck in his life. But as it turns out, there always will be deadly consequences.

Amorosa: The Revenge (embed: https://tfc.tv/show/details/1706/amorosa-the-revenge) Amorosa (Angel Aquino) and her two sons (Enrique Gil and Martin del Rosario) try to start a new life in a new home. However, the death of her husband years ago still haunts them.

Segunda Mano

Future bride (Kris Aquino) buys an antique purse, and strange ghost sightings follow.

Hellcome Home

“Hellcome Home” is a story of two families who are connected by a grim past which involves supernatural beings and evil spirits.

Nasaan Ka Man

This horror-thriller centers on two adopted siblings who begin a secret romantic relationship. The situation brings out deep-seated lies, family troubles, and violence.

Bloody Crayons

A college barkada goes on an island trip to shoot their horror film project. Their seemingly fun outing, however, turns into a murder chase when one of them dies after playing the Bloody Crayons game.


Stella (Kris Aquino) remarries three years after her husband's death. Now that she’s starting a new life, her family is being haunted by spirits. However, she’s not sure if it’s her dead husband causing all the terrors or...something else.


A couple returns to the Philippines to get married. However, their plans take a deadly turn because of a superstition that one should not wed when a family member has died the same year.

The Ghost Bride

In dire need of money for her sick father, Mayen (Kim Chiu) agrees to become a “ghost bride" for a dead man.

To make things more spooky, add Kim Chiu’s brand new horror film “U-Turn” on your list!

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