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9 steamy bed scenes you won't believe happened in K-dramas

They rarely do intimate scenes in K-dramas, but when they do... you can expect it to be REALLY hot!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 10/25/2020 in Photos

Korean dramas are popular for having unique and gripping story lines, quirky humor, gorgeous cast, and even a binge-friendly canned format. With these qualities, it's really easy to get hooked! But if there's one thing that you won't find much in K-dramas, it's probably the steamy sex scenes.

K-dramas aren't really big on skinship unlike Western shows, so seeing the characters put their arms around each other or even lock lips, are such a glorifying and rare occurrence!

But get this — although they’re hard to come by, there are also a number of bed scenes that have sneaked into our favorite shows! Seeing the story slowly lead to the moments where the stars will do the deed has become a guilty pleasure, that when it happens, these scenes could very well be the cause of heart attacks.

What's even better is that most of our favorite leading men like Park Seo Joon, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Min Ho have entered the "sexy" territory and so we're definitely fed! We're just wondering what it feels like to be the lead actress in these narratives. 🤭 Enjoy the gallery above!

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