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18 Pinoy celebs who are proud Scorpios!

It's Scorpio szn! ♏ Check out all these celebs who definitely have that Scorpio appeal!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 10/23/2020 in Photos

Scorpio season is upon us, and if you're into astrology — you'll know that this period could be pretty "deep and intense."

Those who were born between October 23 to November 22 fall under the zodiac Scorpio, which is a Water sign.

It is known that most Scorpios are extremely passionate and loyal when it comes to relationships. Those who bear this enigmatic sign are very emotional beings, however, you may find that they are not vocal about it.

If you know a Scorpio, you may notice that they are curious people who love their freedom. Do you think the celebrities above embody the Scorpio personality? ♏

Films that feature Scorpio actors here!

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