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Rachelle Ann Go, Martin Spies look back on their gorgeous engagement

Martin Spies shared how his Boracay proposal happened!

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Star Cinema Admin

10/22/2020 in News
Rachelle Ann Go, Martin Spies look back on their gorgeous engagement

Rachelle Ann Go and her husband Martin Spies shared the beautiful story of their engagement in Boracay!

In a vlog uploaded on Monday, October 19, the married couple shared all the details that led to the magical proposal in September 2017.

Back then, Martin was coming to the Philippines to meet Rachelle's family. Then, a friend of his advised him to propose in the country since Rachelle's family will be there.

Martin shared, “It was a team effort to figure out what Shin (Rachelle) wants and that was a great process. That was honestly a really cool thing to do. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. Learning about diamonds and this business, it was fun and really exhilarating to get that ready to take with me to the Philippines.”

"I knew we were going to Boracay with your family. I was looking around in Boracay trying to find somewhere where we could go, where I could propose with not a lot of people around. I’ve never been to the Philippines so I just had to do some research. I had Filipinos helping me."

Martin also asked for the blessing of Rachelle's parents, saying, "Eventually I had a conversation with them and told them what I’d like to do on this trip and if I have their blessing to do it. That was quite special. I was happy because I was nervous about that conversation as anyone would be. The most important [thing] is they said okay."


When they arrived in Boracay, Rachelle said had a feeling that Martin was going to propose but tried to shrug it off.

Fast forward to the afternoon of the engagement, Martin and Rachelle were by the beach, at sunset. Martin kneeled, and asked for her hand in marriage!

At first, Rachelle had no idea what was happening.

She related, “I’m not following. What’s happening? And also because I wasn’t expecting anymore, I thought you were just doing a nice speech because it was a nice setup. Even when you knelt down, I was like, why are you kneeling? I wasn’t really thinking na that was it."

“When he opened his jacket, may kinuha siyang box. Nung nakita ko 'yung box, it wasn't really registering in my head. 'Yun na, pag-open niya, there’s that ring. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Watch their vlog here!

Rachel and Martin got married at a beach wedding, also in Boracay, last April 18, 2018. The event was attended by their family and friends. Rachelle's friends in the industry, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Mark Bautista, and Regine Velasquez were present.

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