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Your complete guide to 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Do you still remember all the exciting things that happened in Xavier High? It's all here!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/17/2020 in News
Your complete guide to 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

A series we've all grown to love, "The Four Bad Boys and Me" just aired its final, heartwarming episode!

We will definitely miss our Thursday night habit — watching Candice (Kaori Oinuma) and her sweet and thrilling life at Xavier High, narrated by the delightful Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata)!

For everyone who is still on a "TFBBAM" high, we've prepared an entire season recap, so we can all remember the smiles, kilig, and joy that this "Listen to Love" series brought us!


Episode 1: Four Bad Boys and A Kiss

What happened: We met Candice, a girl who wants to start a whole new life away from Xavier High and the Philippines. However, nothing seems to be going according to her plans. And with the four bad boys, Jeydon (Rhys Miguel), Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo), Troy (Aljon Mendoza), and Charles (Mark Rivera) entering her life, Candice’s senior year will definitely be full of fun and unexpected adventures!

Episode 2: Suddenly It’s War!

What happened: Candice is looking for the mystery guy who kissed her in the janitor’s room. Then, she got into a catfight with the campus queen bee Stacey (Chie Filomeno). Jeydon also humiliated her in school by pulling pranks on her all day. The only thing that made Candice smile was her conversation with her crush, Marky!

Episode 3: Here Comes the Bribe!

What happened: It was revealed that Candice and Charles are actually siblings. Jeydon also found out that Candice is Xavier Ninja, the anonymous person who does student projects for a price. To keep her secret, Jeydon bribed her by asking her to be his “slave” for the school year. Before the episode ended, Candice received love confessions from both Jeydon and Marky!

Episode 4: The Beauty and the Bully!

What happened: Candice and Stacey’s girl clash continued as they were both competing in the school pageant. They had a little battle on who could sell the most tickets for the event. Surprisingly, the four bad boys came to the rescue and helped Candice sell all of hers! The next day, Jeydon went to Candice’s house burning with fever.

Episode 5: She's Dating a Bad Boy!

What happened: Candice took care of the sick Jeydon, and we saw that she really was concerned for him! They went on a date (yay!), and saw Tiffany (Karina Bautista) and Troy at the same restaurant they went to. Later during pageant night, Candice froze on stage because her partner Marky was nowhere to be seen. But a knight in shining armor suddenly appeared.

Episode 6: Just the 5 of Us

What happened: Jeydon was Candice’s knight in shining armor! During her performance for Miss Talented Xavier Season 30, Troy, Charles, and Marky also supported her on stage. Tiffany and Troy also made progress in the love department, as they just went on their second date! Meanwhile, Jeydon walked Candice home and they hugged for five seconds before parting.

Episode 7: Hello, Cheat, Goodbye

What happened: We found out that Marky was Candice’s mystery kisser. Candice got mad at Marky because he won’t explain why he did it. Stacey also offered Candice a job: To get a copy of the answer sheet for the College Entrance Exam. In exchange, she will buy her a ticket to Australia. Candice resisted, and backed out at the last moment. However, as it turned out, the cheating still happened and Candice was the main suspect.

Episode 8: Always be My Betty!

What happened: Stacey admitted that she was the mastermind behind the cheating scandal. Because of a false accusation, Candice was granted a half-scholarship if she goes to university.

As an advanced graduation gift, Candice’s mom gave her a ticket to Australia to visit her father. Troy and Tiffany made it official, and started calling each other “boo."

Meanwhile, Jeydon and Candice confessed that they cared for each other and exchanged “I love yous”!

See you on our next "Listen to Love" series? 😉

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