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'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 8 recap: I love you, bad boy

“It could have been us...?” Kanino sinabi ni Candice ‘to? OMG! 😱

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/16/2020 in News
'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 8 recap: I love you, bad boy

It’s the finale of “The Four Bad Boys and Me”! Will Candice be able to graduate? Is she flying to Australia? All our questions have been answered!

Last week, the four bad boys — Jeydon (Rhys Miguel), Charles (Mark Rivera), Troy (Aljon Mendoza), and Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo) — took the blame for the cheating scandal to save Candice.

But ultimately, Jeydon told Principal Macalintal that he would take the punishment. But because Candice confessed that she was the person behind Xavier Ninja, doing student projects for a fee, she and Jeydon were both temporarily suspended.

At home, Candice learned that her father had a family in Australia before he and her mom Candy (Jenny Jamora) even met. He chose to leave the Philippines because he realized that he loved his first family more. Candy chose to hide this from Candice because she knew it would break her. Candy then handed Candice a ticket for a flight to Australia so she could visit her father.

Back in school, Candice was sent to the Principal Macalintal’s office again, where she found Stacey (Chie Filomeno). Apparently, Stacey confessed that she was the mastermind behind the cheating scandal.

The queen bee also told Candice that she realized she could never force Jeydon to like her. So after all her cattiness, Stacey realized that it was always “better to be nice.” See! Even the most suplada girl can change! Way to go, Stacey!

Marky, who was revealed to be Candice’s mystery kisser, apologized too. He knew Jeydon would be blamed for the kiss, and he thought that it would push Candice and Jeydon closer again. Candice forgave him and they went back to being “friends”!

Meanwhile, nagulantang ang buong Xavier High when Candice’s voice was heard through the school speakers.

She made a public confession to Jeydon! OMG!

She said, “Pwede ba tayong bumalik sa umpisa? Ready na ako magtiwala.”

Jeydon and Candice then met up and it was obvious that love was in the air. We kinda lost it when Jeydon told Candice “I love you” in different languages! And when Candice replied with an “I love you” as well, we positively died. Pero siyempre, nag-aasaran pa rin sila after! Yieee!

Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) said it best for us: “Para pa rin kayong aso’t pusa kahit kakaaminan niyo lang ‘no? Kulit niyo rin eh, pero ang cute niyo rin. Sana all?”

Watch the finale here!

We are going to miss sharing our "TFBBAM" feels with you! 'Til the next "Listen to Love" series? 😉

Sepanx mode? You can binge-watch the previous episodes here! 💕

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