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‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ yearbook photo will make you emotional!

It’s the BIG FINALE tomorrow, and the feeling is bittersweet.

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/14/2020 in News
‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ yearbook photo will make you emotional!

The story of “The Four Bad Boys and Me” will come to an end tomorrow, October 15, and everyone is feeling a little bittersweet!

For eight weeks, we have all collectively felt excitement for Candice (Kaori Oinuma), as her quiet life turned upside down with the arrival of APAT — Jeydon (Rhys Miguel), Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo), Troy (Aljon Mendoza), and Charles (Mark Rivera). In her own words, "Nagulo lang naman ang lahat simula nang pumasok 'yang four bad boys na 'yan sa buhay ko!"

Candice didn’t have a lot of friends, so everyone was happy to see her get close to the very bubbly Tiffany (Karina Bautista).

We shared her worries as she planned her trip to Australia, and felt her pain whenever she would fight with her mom Candy (Jenny Jamora).

We also saw a glimpse of her fun and eventful academic life with the help of Ma’am Tina (Alora Sasam). And believe it or not, we also looked forward to Candice’s palaban interactions with Stacey (Chie Filomeno).

And of course, a character we got to know and would love to see more of, the person who joined Candice in all of her adventures, the makulit and ever supportive Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata)!

Look at their precious yearbook photo! We are going to cry! 😢💕



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We feel your love and anticipation for the big finale tomorrow! 💕

Watch "The Four Bad Boys and Me" finale tomorrow, October 15, at 8:30 PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

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