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5 mysteries ‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ finale will answer!

Will Candice (Kaori Oinuma) finally leave for Australia? ✈️

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/10/2020 in News
5 mysteries ‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ finale will answer!

We’re down to the last episode of “The Four Bad Boys and Me” but the twists and turns in Candice's (Kaori Oinuma) life just keep on going!

Candice had to deal with a tempting offer from Stacey (Chie Filomeno), confront her “mystery kisser”, and worry about her cancer-stricken dad in Episode 7. It will get even more exciting in the finale episode next week as five mysteries that have been set up in the past episodes will finally get solved!

1. Will Candice and Jeydon find the courage to pursue a relationship?

Back in episode 6, Candice and Jeydon (Rhys Miguel) had some pretty kilig moments! Remember the 5-second hug? ❤️ They are getting along so well now, but does that mean their friendship will develop into a romance?

2. How will Marky come clean and admit to the kissing incident?

When we found out that Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo) was Candice’s mystery kisser, we thought it would all be sparks! But no. Sadly, Candice felt betrayed, and she was even more infuriated when Marky won’t explain why he kissed her. MarDice no more na ba? 💔

3. Will Candice be expelled because of the cheating scandal?

Let’s be clear, Stacey asked Candice to steal the answer sheet for the College Entrance Exam in exchange for a trip to Australia, but Candice chose to do the right thing and backed out of the plan. So when she got called to the Principal’s office and was accused of cheating, everyone was shook!

Who could’ve been behind this? Will she be able to graduate?

4. Will Candice finally fly to Australia to meet her Dad?

Candy (Jenny Jamora) told her daughter Candice that she had saved enough money to send her to Australia so she could live with her Dad there. With no more money problems in her way, will Candice finally leave the Philippines?

5. Will Troy find Tiffany’s love letter and discover how he feels about her?

Troy (Aljon Mendoza) and Tiffany (Karina Bautista) have been getting closer and closer to each other! But when Troy asked Tiffany if he could court her, Tiffany asked him to find the love letter she wrote for him first.

What could be in that love letter? Will Troy be able to find it?

Guess you'll find out the answer to all of these questions next week! While waiting, watch the latest episode here!

The finale episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me" will premiere next Thursday, October 15, at 8:30 PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

Catch up on the previous episodes here:

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