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4 Piolo-Juday movies you need to rewatch right now

Here’s your dose of kilig, care of the well-loved team up of Piolo and Judy Ann!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/8/2020 in News
4 Piolo-Juday movies you need to rewatch right now

We can all agree that Piolo Pascual and Judy Ann Santos gave us some of the most kilig-inducing films in the early 2000s.

And even if over a decade has passed since we last saw them in the big screen together, nothing beats their incomparable chemistry and cute antics. We will never get tired of watching these two over and over again.

The best news? All their movies are available for streaming on iWant! Below are four Piolo-Juday movies you can binge on right now:

“Kahit Isang Saglit” (2000)

“Kahit Isang Saglit” gave birth to their legendary tandem -- the first movie, the first time, we all discovered the hidden chemistry bomb that is the Piolo-Juday love team. Aminin, you all shipped and rooted for Michael (Piolo) and Annie (Judy Ann) in the movie, even if Annie was already in a relationship with Dexter (Leandro Munoz)!

Relive the kilig of Michael and Annie’s love story here!

“Bakit ‘Di Totohanin” (2001)

The 2001 classic made us all go “aww” over Kate (Judy Ann) and Paul’s (Piolo) love-hate relationship. Plus, the movie also served us with a very hot Piolo as a boxing trainer. Lots and lots of shirtless scenes guys -- it makes every second of this movie worth it.

You can watch it here.

“‘Till There Was You” (2003)

Judy Ann and Piolo made us all kilig for the third time in the crowd favorite “Till There Was You.” Playing the roles of Joanna (Judy Ann) and Albert (Piolo), the film made us realize how meeting one person can turn our life around.

Rewatch it here.

“Don’t Give Up On Us” (2006)

14 years since it premiered on the big screen, “Don’t Give Up On Us” is still one of our lowkey faves and is probably the very reason why people are clamoring for a Piolo and Judy Ann reunion project. It tackled the story of Abby (Judy Ann) and Vince (Piolo) whose fates collide after the meet cute to end all meet cutes.

Catch it in its digitally restored version here

Happy anniversary, Team “Don’t Give Up On Us!”

Which of these movies is your favorite? Another thing: how game are you for a Piolo-Juday reunion flick? Tell us in the comments section!

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