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IN PHOTOS: The most controversial housemates in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’

Missing “PBB?” Here’s a compilation of all the trending controversies that has ever happened inside Kuya’s house over the years!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 1/31/2020 in Photos

A “Pinoy Big Brother” season is never complete without one big controversy. 

And perhaps that’s the reason why we’ve gotten hooked to the famous reality show over the years—who doesn’t love some real-life, relatable drama? Here, we compiled some of the most controversial issues that ever came out of Kuya’s house, as well as the housemates who were directly involved. 

From Chx Alcala and Sam Milby’s #shooktening make out session in the pool, to the coming out confessions of BB Gandanghari and Fifth Solomon, to the forced eviction of Banjo Dangalan in the latest season, let’s all stop and take a moment to reminisce about all the moments that made history in Kuya’s house. Swipe away!

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