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The new 'James and Pat and Dave' trailer will make your heart happy!

Talagang mapapa-happy ang heart mo sa tawa at kilig sa “James and Pat and Dave” trailer!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/30/2020 in News
The new 'James and Pat and Dave' trailer will make your heart happy!

The "James and Pat and Dave" trailer is here!

Star Cinema dropped the trailer of the much-awaited "Vince and Kath and James" sequel tonight, January 30, and it made us all feel all kinds of emotions. We finally met the characters of Loisa Andalio and Donny Pangilinan, and were reintroduced to Ronnie Alonte's James.

We all know James as ~The Unchosen One~ from "VKJ" and we have to admit that we feel all sorts of happy for him knowing he'll have another chance at love in the sequel.

But before we see the whole movie, here are three scenes from the trailer that made us want to fall in love!

The meet cute!

James and Pat hilariously met in a random field. And while it seemed to be just an accidental meet-up, fate made a way for the two to meet again and actually become closer than ever.


We all know you've fantasized about finding the love of your life in a field. This movie is straight up wish fullfillment for the romantic in you.


The big kiss!

We finally saw Dave enter the picture, Pat’s ex whom she seems to truly despise. Pat's attempts to avoid him led her straight towards James' arms.


A big kiss and a "babe"! Our hearts have never been so happy! 💕


A new man in the mix!

Yes, pinagaagawan ng mga lalaking sobrang gwapo si Pat dito. What a struggle.


In this trailer, we finally saw Donny in action as the ~ultimate good boy~ Dave. Killer smile? Check! Willingness to grovel for his ex? Check! We haven't even watched the whole movie yet and we already can't resist this dude. How will Pat choose? More importantly, WHO will Pat choose? Guess we'll find out soon enough!


Helmed by “VKJ” director Theodore Boborol, “James and Pat and Dave” is slated for release this February 12!

Watch the full trailer here:

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