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3 of the sweetest KathNiel moments in Kathryn’s Tokyo vlog!

How to move on from that part when Daniel kissed the cam? 😳 DJ naman, eh! 💙

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/27/2020 in News
3 of the sweetest KathNiel moments in Kathryn’s Tokyo vlog!

More kilig await us on Kathryn Bernardo’s new vlog!

In the actress’ latest video uploaded yesterday, January 26, Kathryn shared a glimpse of her December Japan trip with boyfriend Daniel Padilla.

These moments made our blue hearts explode:

1. The simple yet sweet gestures!

Daniel getting utensils for Kathryn, the HHWW moments in Japan, and that sweet kiss through the camera—these are the Kathniel moments we truly treasure as fans.



2. How Kathryn supported Daniel’s love for U2!

Apart from Japan being their favorite country to visit, one of the reasons why they flew to Tokyo was to watch a concert of Daniel’s favorite rock band U2. Of course, Kathryn was the best girlfriend ever and fangirl-ed the night away with her Tangi! Sobrang sweet! 🥺💙


3. How Daniel supported Kathryn in return - through food!

We know how much of a foodie Kathryn is, and Daniel was there to support his Bal’s love for Japanese food. From ramen to gyudon to the famous tamago egg omelette (which Daniel hates, by the way), he made sure Kathryn’s tummy was at its happiest! ✨



Which of their moments from Kathryn’s Tokyo vlog was your favorite? Share it in the comments section!

Kathryn and Daniel topbilled the 2018 worldwide hit “The Hows Of Us.” They are set to make their television comeback with “Tanging Mahal,” coming soon this 2020.

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