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Jackie Chan defied death in ‘Vanguard'

Yup, Jackie Chan insisted to do a daredevil water stunt on his own and he almost drowned while filming!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/21/2020 in News
Jackie Chan defied death in ‘Vanguard'

If you think you've seen Jackie Chan's best yet, wait until you see his upcoming film "Vanguard."

The Action Legend, who is known for doing some daredevil stunts in his movies, upped the ante in “Vanguard,” and nearly lost his life.

In a report by Singapore’s The New Paper published yesterday, January 20, Jackie was revealed to have had a near-death experience on set, having almost drowned during filming. The actor’s aquabike hit a rock and flipped over in the fast-moving river where he got trapped.

Jackie talked about the experience through an e-mail interview with The New Paper.

"The torrent was strong and I wasn't able to swim my way out, and the rescue team took time to reach me. I told myself to stay calm and hold on. I wasn't injured but I could have died from the accident,” Jackie wrote.

He is truly a living action legend!

For those who are excited to see the movie, “Vanguard” is slated for a Philippine release this January 22!

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