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THROWBACK: Remember Pamu and Kevin from ‘PBB Unlimited?’

Here’s a compilation of MuVin’s sweetest moments while inside Kuya’s house!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 1/17/2020 in Photos

Pamu Pamorada and Kevin Fowler, known as MuVin, was perhaps one of the most well-loved team-ups during “Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited” in 2011.

If you followed the “PBB Unlimited” season, there’s a high chance that you witnessed the reel-to-real love team's kilig-inducing moments together. From the simple and innocent tinginan, to the higa-sa-lap kind of sweetness, and up to when they first shared a kiss on television, we all saw how their love blossomed inside Kuya’s house.

And while the two didn't end up together, we can all agree that MuVin will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Browse through the gallery above to relive all the kilig we all felt while watching them on TV. Happy browsing! 😉

Pamu is currently part of the primetime series “The Killer Bride.” She also starred in a number of Star Cinema movies in the past including “She’s Dating The Gangster,” “The Unmarried Wife,” and “Unexpectedly Yours.”

Meanwhile, Kevin is living his life in London with his girlfriend.

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