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3 things we found out from Kathryn's Black Magic vlog!

Kathryn Bernardo took hours to prepare for the Black Magic Halloween party

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/13/2020 in News
3 things we found out from Kathryn's Black Magic vlog!

Here's how Kathryn Bernardo achieved her iconic Poison Ivy costume!

The actress opened up about her Black Magic 2019 preparations on her latest vlog uploaded last January 11. In the video, we saw how Kathryn actually came up with her final look with the help of her dedicated and supportive glam team.

We also listed down three revelations from the vlog:

1. She actually had 3 costumes in mind!

Before going for her Poison Ivy costume, Kathryn initially had three costumes in mind—Edward Scissorhands, Maleficent, and Poison Ivy. But of course, we already know what her final choice was!

2. She achieved her Halloween photos with one extra setup!

Kathryn had the most beautiful Halloween photos as seen on her Instagram, and we finally saw how those photos were actually achieved. The set-up, the lighting, and even the smoke they had to use were all captured in her vlog!



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3. That amazing before-and-after shot!


That perfect before-and-after shot of hers made our jaws drop! Your glam team really did well, Kathryn! 👏

Watch her entire vlog here:

Kathryn topbilled the worldwide blockbuster "Hello, Love, Goodbye" which is now hailed as the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

She and Daniel are set to make their television comeback this 2020!

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