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3 classic Piolo Pascual films that made us all fall in love with him

Because only Piolo can switch from a boy next door role to a mature one effortlessly!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/11/2020 in News
3 classic Piolo Pascual films that made us all fall in love with him

Piolo Pascual is truly one of the most prized actors of his generation.

And before we loved him as Marco in "Starting Over Again" or as Gino in "The Breakup Playlist," the one and only Papa P portrayed roles in the early 2000s that has already captured our hearts even before he became a sought after leading man.

And in celebration of his 43rd birthday tomorrow, January 12, let’s all look back to some of our favorite characters of him from these iconic movies:

"9 Mornings" (2002)

This classic rom-com gave birth to the tandem of Piolo and Donita Rose, along with its unique take on a love story. We also saw how Piolo transitioned from a faithful man, to a man who became obsessed with lust and love, in a breeze.

Relive all the kilig between Gene and Elise here!

"Dekada '70" (2002)

One of the greatest Filipino films of all time, Piolo was part“Dekada ‘70” where we saw him go hand-in-hand with legendary actors Vilma Santos and Christopher De Leon. Of course, he did it all without sweat, proof that he’s inborn with acting talent.

Watch “Dekada ‘70” in its full glory here.

"Milan" (2004)

“Milan” will always be a cult-favorite and for a good reason. Shot in the picturesque city of Milan, Italy, the kilig brought by the Piolo and Claudine Barretto team up still lingers up to this day. Not to mention Piolo’s role as the very handsome Lino who seemed to not have aged a bit!

Catch this classic rom-com in its digitally restored version here!

Which of these three movies have you seen? And which Piolo Pascual movie is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments section!

Happy birthday, Papa P! 💖

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