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5 reasons we’re excited for KathNiel’s teleserye!

Who else is looking forward to KathNiel’s much-awaited television back? 🙋

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/1/2020 in News
5 reasons we’re excited for KathNiel’s teleserye!

This is not a drill: It’s 2020 and Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are finally making their much-awaited television comeback!

Although details about their upcoming series are still kept under wraps, we have enough reasons to be excited and look forward to what’s to come. Here, we listed down five reasons why we just cannot contain our excitement:

1. We’ll finally see them back on primetime!

It’s been almost two years since “La Luna Sangre” aired its finale and we’ve been KathNiel-deprived on primetime since. Now that they’re making a comeback, we’ll make sure to be in our seats two hours before the airtime on our weekday nights (we’re not even kidding).

2. It’s already got people talking!

Ever since this show’s announcement, fans and netizens alike have constantly been expressing their excitement all over social media!




3. We’re ready to witness the kilig!

While we still do not know what their series would be about yet, we’re pretty sure that there will be (more than) a hint of kilig from these two!

4. We’re excited to meet their characters!

Will they be as cute as Gino and Mikay of “Princess and I?” Or a bit mature like Yna and Angelo of “Pangako Sa’yo?” Either way, we’ll surely fall in love with their characters, whoever they turn out to be!

5. We’re ready for the breathtaking Mexico location!

ABS-CBN revealed that the new KathNiel series will be shot in Mexico, and that alone has been keeping us excited! The perfect love team in the perfect location, matched with the perfect theme song? We can already imagine it in our minds!!!

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