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IN PHOTOS: Kathryn, Heart, Nadine, Ylona + Gabbi join together to promote female empowerment!

Kathryn, Heart, Nadine, Ylona + Gabbi all rocked their best pink outfits to the #SeeWhatHappens event!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui
- 9/9/2019 in Photos

Five of the most beautiful faces in the country just gathered together in an aim to empower women! 

Just last Thursday, September 4, a beauty brand launched the #SeeWhatHappens intiative during its first-ever Women's Speak Forum. Among those who graced the event and shared their experiences to inspire Filipinas everywhere were Kathryn Bernardo, Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, Ylona Garcia, and Gabbi Garcia who all donned their best pink outfits. 

One-by-one, each actress opened up on how she surpassed self-doubt, inspiring and encouraging everyone else to have the courage to face their fears. 

Fresh from the success of her recent film "Hello, Love, Goodbye" which is now the highest grossing film of the country, Kathryn talked about how change is inevitable, yet you get to learn something out of it. 

"Change is scary but necessary. With change, you learn from it and from that you grow as a person," she expressed. 

Meanwhile, Heart reiterated that no one is perfect in this world, saying, "We have to remember that perfection is not of this world. Once you set it aside, it changes everything for you. 

Nadine also pointed out that how failing is essential for a person to understand and realize how it feels to be successful. 

"You're never going to know how winning feels like if you've never failed your entire life," she stated. 

Ylona, on the other hand, reminded everyone to "never compromise you dreams and resolve as an individual, to the standards of society. 

Lastly, Gabbi said that one must "learn how to turn self-doubts into motivation. Learn how to twist it around in your favor."

See their photos in the gallery above! 

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