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Kathryn and Mommy Min receive flowers from Daniel!

“The Hows of Us" lang ang peg, DJ?”

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

9/5/2019 in News
Kathryn and Mommy Min receive flowers from Daniel!

Kathryn Bernardo and her mother Min Bernardo just received the sweetest surprise from Daniel Padilla!

In her Instagram post earlier today, September 5, Mommy Min shared a photo of Kathryn posing with a bouquet of tulips, and a bunch of red roses, all of which came from Daniel. 

“Ang aga naman dumating ni Primo, tulips talaga🌷, and sa akin pa-red roses🌹,” she wrote.

She also referred to the actor as his son, writing, “‘The Hows of Us’ lang ang peg, DJ? Thank you so much, my son.”



A post shared by Min Bernardo (@bernardomin) on


Mommy Min's wish? That Daniel never change! Same, Mommy, same.

“Thank you for being thoughtful as always. Huwag ka lang magbabago and we’re here as your second family,” she stated. 

Kathryn just came from the success of her recent project “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” which is now the highest-grossing Filipino film after earning over ₱880.6 million in box office sales.

Prior to that, she starred alongside Daniel in another record-breaking Cathy Garcia-Molina-led film, “The Hows of Us” which premiered last year. 

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