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  • Kyle serenades his way to get Francine's 'yes' to be his date at the ABS-CBN Ball!

Kyle serenades his way to get Francine's 'yes' to be his date at the ABS-CBN Ball!

Kyle Echarri did the most for his surprise proposal! #RoadToABSCBNBall

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/5/2019 in News
Kyle serenades his way to get Francine's 'yes' to be his date at the ABS-CBN Ball!

More than a week before the second ABS-CBN Ball, Kyle Echarri prepared the most romantic proposal for his on-screen partner Francine Diaz.

The other half of the Gold Squad, collectively called as KyCine, will officially attend the annual Ball together, as Francine said "yes" to Kyle's surprise proposal. The young actor-singer took to Instagram today, September 5, to talk about his little surprise.

In the photos, we saw how Kyle brought Francine not just one, not just two, but FOUR bouquets: two bouquets of flowers and two bouquets of chocolates.  



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"It took me a while to decide on the right place and time to do the date proposal, but it only took me a second to know it is YOU I want to take to the Ball," he wrote in the caption.

"So many occasions I could have done it but something always came up. So many nights thinking how I’d pull it through then realized I can’t let it stall any longer, so I decided, however, it’ll end up and wherever it’ll be, I’d do it for I want your first Ball to be with me." 

Kyle then thanked Francine for saying "yes" to him.

Thank you for the honor of being your date to your first ABS-CBN Ball. It is my first too, with a date 😊" he said.

"I’d want this to be special for both of us. Let’s make memories of the wonderful night it would be; YOU AND ME, with everyone in our ABS-CBN family." 

His surprise wouldn't have been possible without the help of Francine's parents, whom he also thanked in the post writing, "And of course, THANK YOU, Tito Michael and Tita Merrdick for giving me your permission to ask Chin to be my date for the Ball."

He continued, "Being it’s my first time doing all these, I literally had butterflies in my stomach and found myself lost in the song. But YES! I pulled it through and all because CHIN, I’d really like to #MakeItWithYou 💜"

Francine also expressed her gratitude to the young actor in an Instagram post.



A post shared by Francine Diaz (@francinesdiaz) on


"Thank you for serenading me. I never thought someone would do that for me but you did. You make me happy. 😊" she wrote.

"P.S We'll make it together 💜" 

Grabe naman po pala?!?! Our purple hearts cannot!!! 💜💜💜 

Kyle last appeared in the 2017 family drama "Seven Sundays." He and Francine will soon star in the upcoming iWant original romance-drama fantasy "Silly Red Shoes."

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