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IN PHOTOS: Pia Wurtzbach's most memorable bikini moments in Bali

Pia's beach trips wouldn't be complete without showcasing her goddess-like body! 🔥

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 9/30/2019 in Photos

Summer is never really over for Pia Wurtzbach, who recently went on a fun-filled beach trip to Bali, Indonesia.

The former beauty queen-turned-actress, accompanied by her sister, cousins, and some of her closest friends, was spotted heating up the beautiful island in celebration of her birthday last September 24.

In a series of photos Pia uploaded on Instagram, we saw the group taking a tour around the famous Love Nest, the Bali Swing, and of course, the Insta-worthy Semanyak beaches. They also went scrolling around the area in motorcycles, went snorkeling, and even did some yoga in between.

But apart from the scenic spots they visited, perhaps the highlight would be Pia's sizzling bikini shots. Her feed is currently on fire and we can't handle it!

You can see more of Pia's jawdropping beach photos in the gallery above! Swipe away!

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