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Rambo Nunez does Maja Salvador's makeup!

Papasa kaya ang makeup skills ni Rambo kay Maja?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/3/2019 in News
Rambo Nunez does Maja Salvador's makeup!

By Patricia Matalog

Maja Salvador just did the Boyfriend Does My Makeup tag with her man, Rambo Nunez!

On Maja's Youtube video last September 1, she and Rambo teamed up with Maja's best friend Kane Panghulan and her husband to do the viral challenge. The rules? The girls aren't allowed to help the boys in any way, and they cannot look at their faces until the boys are done doing their makeup!

Rambo was aiming for a glam smoky eye look that's perfect for the ABS-CBN Ball.

The base had been pretty much a breeze for him. He had an easy time blending the foundation and concealer, but the challenge actually started when he had to put eye shadow on Maja plus winged eyeliner. Guys, may pa-tungkil si Rambo! πŸ˜‚


Rambo even had to kneel so he could focus on putting the eyeliner. Seryosong-seryoso, eh!

Rambo also had a hard time curling Maja's lashes since it was his first time ever holding an eyelash curler.


Finally, it was time for the big reveal! insert drum roll


In fairness to Rambo, he did pretty well for a first-timer! πŸ‘

Maja last starred in the 2018 Black Sheep-produced film "To Love Some Buddy" alongside Zanjoe Marudo. She currently leads the hit primetime series "The Killer Bride."

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