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Kathryn Bernardo is planning a 2-week vacation!

Where will Kathryn go next? Any guesses? 🤔

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/3/2019 in News
Kathryn Bernardo is planning a 2-week vacation!

After an incredibly busy couple of months shooting and promoting her new film "Hello, Love, Goodbye," Kathryn Bernardo is finally taking a much-awaited break with her family!

Right before she took off for Cambodia last August 31, the "Hello, Love, Goodbye" actress shared in an exclusive interview that she's looking forward to spending her time with her inner circle now that their film's promotions are nearing to a close.

"Yes, I can't wait [to go on a vacation]!" she exclaimed. "Pag-uwi ko actually, aalis kami. Parang birthday despedida ng Kuya ko so with family 'yun. Aalis kami."

Kathryn revealed that she personally asked for the short break, although she kept mum about her destination.

"End of this month September, parang 'yun 'yung pinaka-break na ni-request ko. Pero for two weeks lang naman. 'Yun 'yung nilu-look forward ko," she said.

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We can't wait to see vacation photos from Kathryn!!! ❤

Kathryn stars in "Hello, Love, Goodbye" alongside Alden Richards. Now on its fifth blockbuster week, the film is still showing in cinemas nationwide and all over the world!

Watch the trailer here:

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