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5 times the 'Isa Pa With Feelings' trailer destroyed our hearts

Mara to Gali: "Sana bigyan mo naman ako ng pagkakataon. Mahal kita, eh!" 😭

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/29/2019 in News
5 times the 'Isa Pa With Feelings' trailer destroyed our hearts

ABS-CBN Films, Black Sheep has finally released the much-awaited trailer of "Isa Pa With Feelings" starring Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino.

The trailer, which dropped yesterday, September 28, gave us a better feel of their characters, Mara and Gali, from when they met to what seemed to be them deciding to part ways.

Here, we take a look in each and every scene from the trailer that totally gave us a roller coaster ride of emotions:

1. When Gali asked Mara to be his dance partner...

The first scene was nothing but cute.

2. ..and Gali actually led Mara throughout the dance

We then saw how Gali helped Mara out, letting her feel the music through the beat of the speakers. Cool!

3. When Mara and Gali finally got closer...

The two then spent more time together, learning sign language and doing more dance practices.

4. ..but eventually become distant?

After seeing some kilig-inducing moments of them together, he trailer does a 180 and gives us a quick shift of emotions. Mara and Gali stop holding each other’s hands and spend a lot of alone time crying.

5. When Mara finally declared her love for Gali

The last scene made us total emotional wrecks: Mara seemed to be begging for Gali to give her a chance to love him. Bakit naman ganoon, Maine?! Ang sakit-sakit! 😭

Watch the full trailer here:

"Isa Pa With Feelings" also stars Nikki Valdez, Lotlot De Leon, Cris Villanueva, and Francis Magundayao. It will hit theaters on October 16!

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