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LOOK: Lou and Andre mark their sixth monthsary in Palawan!

It has been six months since Lou and Andre officially became a couple!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui
- 9/26/2019 in Photos

Lou Yanong and Andre Brouilette are six months into their forever!

It has been half a year since they officially became a couple, and to celebrate their mothsary, the pair flew to Palawan to have some time just for themselves. 

In a series of Instagram Stories, both Lou and Andre shared a glimpse ino their escapade in El Nido,  and their fans just can’t get enough of their sweetness. 

Aside from enjoying a boat ride and going island hopping, they also had a candlelight dinner by the shore. They also visited the whitesand beaches of the country’s last frontier. 

See also our gallery above for photos of Lou and Andre’s trip to Palawan!

Well, who would have thought LouDre's controversial beginnings inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house would blossom into the beautiful relationship that they have now? Here’s to more kilig moments, Lou and Andre! 🍻

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