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Iza Calzado travels to Milan for the very first time!

Iza Calzado has visited the city that helped kick-start her big screen career!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/26/2019 in News
Iza Calzado travels to Milan for the very first time!

Iza Calzado went a bit sentimental during her visit to Italy for the recently held Milan Fashion Week.

On Instagram last September 24, the actress recalled her "Milan" filming days back in 2004. The movie was her first-ever big screen project. In the post, Iza expressed how happy she was to finally set foot in the city that helped start her career as a movie star.



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"The very first film I was part of was entitled 'Milan' by Direk Olivia Lamasan and was shown in 2004," she began.

"My character was named Mary Grace, happily married to Lino (Piolo) and decided to try her luck and work in Milan. Then she suddenly disappears from his life. Years later, Lino makes his way to Milan searching for Mary Grace and meets Jenny (Claudine) and together they try to find me."

"My photos were all over Milan as they were filming but ironically all my scenes were shot in Manila as they were indoors. This trip was my very first time in Milan or anywhere in Italy for that matter," she revealed.

"So grateful for this opportunity. Finally, I have found my way to Mary Grace and Milan and somehow left a piece of my heart there! ❤️"

Iza went to Milan for a business trip with Doctors Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo.

Feeling reminiscent like Iza? Let's all relive the "Milan" feels in this supercut:

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