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Alden Richards, 'natutulala' dahil sa success ng 'Hello, Love, Goodbye'!

Alden celebrates "Hello, Love, Goodbye's" monthsary with an overwhelmed heart!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/2/2019 in News
Alden Richards, 'natutulala' dahil sa success ng 'Hello, Love, Goodbye'!

It's been a month since "Hello, Love, Goodbye" premiered in the country and yet, Alden Richards still finds the film's success overwhelming. 

Last August 31, just before he flew to Cambodia with co-star Kathryn Bernardo for a screening, the actor revealed in an exclusive interview that the entire "Hello, Love, Goodbye" experience has exceeded all his expectations. 

He explained, "Ako, when I did 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' naman talaga, my goal lang naman talaga is to deliver. And 'yung nangyayari ngayon sa movie, it's really, really more than what we've expected it to be."

"Wala na rin kaming masabi minsan, parang natutulala na lang kaming lahat kapag mayroong magandang balita about the movie." 


Alden also sent his gratitude to every single person who continues to support their film.

He said, "Ngayon nga, monthsary na ng 'Hello, Love,Goodbye' sa mga sinehan and fortunately, very much appreciated pa rin siya ng mga nakakanood. 'Yung iba, nakikita ko merong nakanood ng limang beses, anim na beses, 12 times. And 'yung pinakamaraming narinig ko, 27 times na nanood ng film. Sabi ko, wala, wala, talo ako. Ako anim pa lang."

Congratulations to Alden and to the whole Team "Hello, Love, Goodbye!"

To those who haven't seen the film yet, "Hello, Love, Goodbye" is still showing in cinemas nationwide and all over the world!

Watch the trailer here:

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