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4 times the 'Isa Pa With Feelings' teaser made us too emotional

The "Isa Pa With Feelings" teaser will let you feel emotions you never knew you could feel!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/16/2019 in News
4 times the 'Isa Pa With Feelings' teaser made us too emotional

The much-awaited teaser of "Isa Pa With Feelings" starring Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino is finally here!

ABS-CBN Films, Black Sheep dropped the teaser tonight, September 16, and it left us totally and completely intrigued for what this movie has in store. Running at about a minute and 35 seconds, this preview introduced us to Mara and Gali, whose love story we cannot wait to know more about! Get your tissues ready, this is going to be a wild ride.

Here, we listed down three key scenes from the teaser that made us pause and just...feel:

1. The first encounter

Right when we saw Mara and Gali’s first encounter in an elevator, we could already tell their chemistry is through the roof. Plus, who knew that a conversation-less conversation would make us feel all kilig like that? Iba din!

2. The sofa scene

We see the two of them hitting it off as they slowly get comfortable with each other. From the staring game to the pahawak sa lashes with matching kulitan, their grin-inducing interactions are nothing if not promising.

3. That steamy dance!

We totally didn't see it coming! When Carlo and Maine got reaaaaallyyy close in an steamy dance scene, nag-uumapaw ng sparks, beshie!

4. The big plot twist

Of course, we can’t talk about this teaser without mentioning its big twist: Carlo’s character wasn’t just the torpe, bright-eyed cutie you thought he would be. He appears to be a deaf-mute man on a mission to make Maine’s character fluent in sign language.

We love a student-teacher romance moment, especially if we’ll see it play out in the most unexpected way possible.

Feeling curious? You can watch the full teaser here:

What do you think about the teaser? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Helmed by Prime Cruz, "Isa Pa With Feelings" is slated to be released this October 16!

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