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Coleen Garcia finally meets her 'Mini Me,' Makayla Galindo!

Coleen met Makayla in Los Angeles!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/10/2019 in News
Coleen Garcia finally meets her 'Mini Me,' Makayla Galindo!

Coleen Garcia has finally met her long lost sister, or her "Mini Me" as netizens call her, Makayla Brooke Galindo.

Five years since they first met online, the two finally got the chance to see each other in person when Coleen flew to the United States earlier this year. The actress then took to Instagram yesterday, September 9 to recall the story on how and when they met.



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"Back when we had the 'Mini Me' segment on 'It’s Showtime,' a lot of you guys tagged me on the comments and photos of this adorable little girl who kind of resembled me, and you guys labeled her as my 'mini me.' I found her soooo adorable, especially when she would recreate my OOTD photos. TOO CUTE! 😭" she recalled.

"Anyway, guess what! After about five years of following and messaging each other on Instagram, we were finally able to meet in person when Billy and I went to LA! And look at her now! What a stunner!"

Since Makayla is pure American and grew up in LA, but Coleen said that the teen model has always wanted to visit Philippines. She also gave Coleen a friendship bracelet as a souvenir for their mini meet-up.

"I’m happy I finally got to meet you, Makayla! You, your mom, and your little sister are so sweet ❤️ Really looking forward to seeing you here in the Philippines soon. Thank you for the friendship bracelet 🤗" she wrote.

Makayla also expressed her gratitude to Coleen for taking some time off to meet her in U.S in her own post. 



A post shared by Makayla Brooke Galindo (@makaykay6) on


"So after 5+ years of being Instagram friends with the beautiful Coleen, and many of my followers always tagging her saying we look alike, we finally met 🙏🏼😍 She is beyond beautiful and such a sweetheart. Seriously she is absolutely AMAZING. Plus, I got to meet her super talented husband Billy," Makayla wrote in the caption. 

"And all though we are miles apart I’m glad we have our matching 'Soul Sister' bracelets. Thank you, Coleen and Billy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet up with me."  

Aren't they just adorable?

Coleen topbilled the 2018 thriller film "Sin Island" with Xian Lim and Nathalie Hart. 

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