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LOOK: 10 times Frankie Pangilinan made us LOL on Twitter!

Napaka-witty ni Frankie Pangilinan. We love you, girl! 😂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/8/2019 in News
LOOK: 10 times Frankie Pangilinan made us LOL on Twitter!

It’s official: we are all Frankie Pangilinan stans!

Just in case you still haven't watched her "Tonight With Boy Abunda" interview last July 23 where she shut down body shamers, and just in case you haven’t seen her follow that up by promoting various advocacies on Instagram, here’s something that will definitely make you fall in love with her. Compiled below are hidden gems from Kakie’s Twitter where she is at her wittiest!

Frankie thinks she isn't worth stanning because of her weird personality but for real, her personality does nothing but make us love her even more!


Prime example: She made fun of her "TWBA" interview by creating a meme of how Tito Boy would react to her manliligaws!


It seems like Frankie doesn't too seriously, hilariously describing herself as "a crackhead gramma who smoked four packs a day in her youth and now needs a machine to breathe" in her old age transformation photo. It's so accurately??? funny??? and we just can't stop laughing! 😂


She also referred to herself as Dora recently. 'Yung totoo? Ang gandang Dora naman n'yan!


Also: Peter, as in short for Pythagoras? Gold.


She even injected some humor into some of our national issues. We stan a woke girl! 🙌


Frankie also tweets about the most relatable scenarios just like this one:


And the way she subtly invited everyone to watch her ASAP guesting? We're really learning a thing or two from this girl!


Bashers, who? Sorry, but Kakie doesn't care about your existence at all. 💁


Breaking news: Kakie calls her mom Shawie!


Frankie is currently a MYX VJ for the whole month of August. She also recently graced this month’s issue of MEGA Magazine.

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