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Robi, Donny take on the ‘walang bibitiw’ challenge in new vlog

Robi and Donny aim to break toxic masculinity in a new vlog.

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

8/27/2019 in News
Robi, Donny take on the ‘walang bibitiw’ challenge in new vlog

In an aim to tackle and break toxic masculinity, Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan gamely took on the “walang bibitiw” challenge!

In a vlog posted just yesterday, August 26, the actors spent two hours together to prove that men can also show affection towards one another.

But before that, Robi needed to secure the permission of her girlfriend, Maiqui Pineda, who eventually allowed them with their plan. (Para walang selosan! 😂)

While holding hands, the two roamed around a mall, visited an electronics shop to purchase a hard drive, enjoyed games at an arcade, and went to lunch together. What also made their vlog a bit “romantic” were their cheesy pick-up lines and exchanges which really caught a lot of people! (Ibang klase kasi ang sweetness nila. 😂)

Robi and Donny also reminded everyone to always be comfortable in showing their feelings and affection towards another person and to avoid hiding something from anybody by staying true to oneself. 

The video is just the first part, and we surely can’t wait to see more of their sweet kulitan moments in the next one. 

Watch the entire vlog here:

The two are currently serving as co-hosts in the online musical variety show “iWant ASAP.”

On the big screen. Robi has starred in various films, including “Won’t Last A Day Without You,” “Cinco,” and “Paano Na Kaya?”

Donny, on the other hand, has become a part of several movies, such as “Walwal,” “To Love Some Buddy,” and “Fantastica.”

Till your next vlog, Robi and Donny!

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