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Mariel Rodriguez’ flaunts baby bump in new maternity shoot

Mariel just had her Filipiniana-themed maternity shoot!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

8/27/2019 in News
Mariel Rodriguez’ flaunts baby bump in new maternity shoot

Mariel Rodriguez just gave everyone a glimpse of her Filipiniana-inspired maternity shoot.

The actress, who is currently pregnant with her second daughter with Robin Padilla, showed behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes of her maternity shoot in a vlog she released last Sunday, August 25.

The shoot was done in Museo de Padilla, the ancestral house of Robin’s family.

Mariel explained how momentous the event is for her as an expectant mother, saying, “As an expectant mom, it’s really important because I feel this is one of the most beautiful times of my life.

“I really want to celebrate it, and remember it. Years from now, I can look back on those days and remember the time that Gabriella was in my tummy. It’s so special to me,” she added.

The actress also shared a photo from the shoot in a separate Instagram post. 

She wrote, “For me, in my 35 years of existence, I think this is my most beautiful photograph. The beauty comes from the life that is growing inside me. It is a reminder of how blessed I am with God’s love because once again, he has trusted me to nourish His precious creation.”

Mariel also thanked everyone who provided assistance for her pictorial.

“Big thanks to all the people who helped in my maternity shoot for Maria Gabriella,” she ended.



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Watch the entire vlog here:

Mariel first announced her pregnancy in May this year.

She has been married to Robin since 2010. They welcomed their first daughter, Maria Isabella, in November 2016.

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