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CGMagic: Direk Cathy goes to Thailand for ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ post-production

Direk Cathy and the #HelloLoveGoodbye team flew to Thailand to complete the film!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

8/22/2019 in CGMAGIC
CGMagic: Direk Cathy goes to Thailand for ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ post-production

We were all mesmerized by the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” cinematic experience, but did you know that it was actually the first Philippine movie that underwent post-production in Thailand?

In the third episode of Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina’s online show “CGMagic,” we finally got the chance to see the processes that the film went through before we saw the masterpiece on the big screen. 

Star Cinema collaborated with Kantana Post Production for the romance flick. The director said this of the experience, “Lahat ng ito siyempre to improve the quality of not just this movie, but for the succeeding movies that Star Cinema will have. Gusto rin sana natin na matulad tayo sa ibang Asian films na naipapalabas abroad.”

“Meron silang standards na kailangan nating i-meet. Parang kailangan nating lumebel,” she added. 

The company introduced a new and modern approach in color grading and sound design which the director hopes to apply in other film projects. 

“Malaki ang natutunan natin. Sana mai-apply sa mga susunod nating projects para lahat, papunta tayo doon,” she further stated.

People from Kantana also shared how fun it was to work with the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” team. 

Sound engineer Narybett Peamyal said his experience on the film was truly unique, saying, “It’s fun. Everybody laughed all the time. It’s the most chill final mix moment in three years.”

Colorist Noppasak Aun Poonpipat also said it also gave them the chance to know more and be familiar with Filipino culture. 

“I don’t know [a lot] about the Filipino life or culture. It’s good to know the movie contained a lot about it,” he shared.

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The Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richrads starrer is still showing in theaters nationwide and worldwide. 

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