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Is Diego Loyzaga making a showbiz comeback?

Diego is back on social media!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

8/15/2019 in News
Is Diego Loyzaga making a showbiz comeback?

Diego Loyzaga has started being active on social media once again, igniting rumors that he is making a comeback! 

In a Twitter post last Saturday, August 10, the actor posted photos of himself with his mother, actress Teresa Loyzaga. 

“Mum. ♥️♥️♥️,” he wrote.



Diego has since promoted his official YouTube channel and even posted photos of him, his product endorsements, and some memes.

“Now that you’re here, flex ko lang YouTube channel ko. 😅😉,” Diego said. 







Just a few weeks back, the actor tweeted a photo while on vacation in the island province of Camiguin and even celebrated his ninth year on the site.





Although there are no confirmations yet, Diego’s recent activities online have fueled speculations about his return to the limelight after taking an indefinite hiatus last November. Before taking a break, the actor starred in the hit television series "Los Bastardos.” 

He also became a part of several movies, including the 2015 musical romantic drama “The Breakup Playlist,” and the 2017 suspense thriller “Bloody Crayons.”

We can't wait to see you once again, Diego!

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