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BB Gandanghari guest stars in the Netflix series 'Glow'

She played the role of Patricia, a fortune-teller!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/15/2019 in News
BB Gandanghari guest stars in the Netflix series 'Glow'

BB Gandanghari has appeared in the third season of the Netflix comedy series "Glow"!

The transgender actress shared the good news on Instagram last August 12, when she uploaded a photo showing her name in the credits of the popular series. Some fans and friends of BB also commented and tagged her in photos saying that they saw her in one of the episodes.



A post shared by BB. Gandanghari (@gandangharibb) on


"#GLOW. Guess what just dropped!? Now streaming on 'Netflix'," she wrote in the caption.

BB then expressed her happiness and gratitude for being part of the successful series. She also extended her thanks to everyone who celebrated with her for her latest milestone. 

"I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this super successful show, 'GLOW'! Booking a job is always exciting but booking your favorite show brings excitement to an entirely different level. Thank you for the shoutout, guys!" she enthused.

BB, who migrated in Los Angeles in 2009, is part of the esteemed Padilla showbiz clan. Apart from being an actress, she also worked as an Uber driver and a model in the U.S.

Prior to her migration, she appeared in the 2007 fantaserye "Super Inggo" and was also part of the "Pinoy Big Brother" Celebrity Edition in 2006.

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