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LOOK: Kathryn, tinakas pala ni Mommy Min sa Hong Kong?!

Liner 1: “‘Yan ‘yung first time na itinakas natin si Kathryn kay Direk.”

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

8/1/2019 in News
LOOK: Kathryn, tinakas pala ni Mommy Min sa Hong Kong?!

Kathryn Bernardo really went through a lot while filming “Hello, Love Goodbye” in Hong Kong.

The actress was prohibited by renowned Blockbuster Director Cathy Garcia-Molina from talking to her co-stars including Alden Richards, as well as her long-time boyfriend Daniel Padilla who was hundreds of miles away in the Philippines. However, we recently found out someone broke the rules to give Kathryn a little downtime. 

On Twitter today, August 1, Mommy Min Bernardo retweeted a photo of her daughter, who obviously looked emotionally drained, having a good laugh with her friends. (Seriously, kitang-kita ang hirap ng pinagdaanan ni Kath! 😢)

“‘Yan ‘yung first time na itinakas natin si @bernardokath kay Direk. Sorry, Direk @cgm1326,” she wrote. 



The post, which was originally posted by a certain Tita Vilma (@titavilma), stated that the photo was actually taken on April 18 at Lan Kwai Fong, a famous dining district in Hong Kong. 


Worth it lahat ng sakripisyo💞,” she said. 



While filming the movie, Direk Cathy imposed three strict rules for Kathryn to make her performance as authentic as possible, and to give her the chance to feel the pain and suffering of her character Joy, who slaves away as a domestic helper.  

She was prohibited from talking to her fellow stars and the film crew, forbidden from walking out during upsetting moments, and was “stripped off” her right to use her phone so she can "focus" on her scenes. 

Hello, Love, Goodbye” also stars Maymay Entrata, Jameson Blake, Joross Gamboa, Kakai Bautista, Jeff Tam, Lovely Abella, and Anthony Jennings. 

Catch it in over 380 cinemas nationwide, and watch out for its international screenings soon!

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